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Aerial images from a manned helicopter

When you want to take aerial photographs from a really high altitude, over a large area or in very high resolution, then shots from a manned helicopter are the best option.

Just flying high and turning on the camera is of course not enough. Considering the background and the rays of light, we know exactly how to approach your project for the most impressive images and best results.

The helicopter is equipped with a five-axis stabilised Cineflex HD camera bowl or optionally a Cineflex solution with a RED camera that delivers 5K aerial shots.

Besides manned flights we also offer high quality drone images. Do you want to know what is the best method for your project? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Also ask about the low-cost “joint-flight modes”.

High quality aerial photographs with a drone

AuviMedia has many years of experience in making high quality and stable aerial shots. For these aerial shots, our camera people apply the same aesthetic standards as for ‘regular’ shots. That is to say, razor-sharp and perfectly composed.

Our qualified pilots fly with our own optimised and balanced drone, for which all necessary certificates and licences are present.
Because we are a production company that has all disciplines in-house, we can always seamlessly integrate your aerial shots into a complete video production.
With our many years of experience in the production of high-quality video productions, corporate films, order films, instruction films, documentaries, etc. we have the perfect mix in house with spectacularly beautiful images to tell your story in a clear and original way.

We take aerial shots for numerous applications and sectors, including:

  • Promotional material in many sectors (golf courses, hotels, municipalities, government, etc.)
  • Nature film and documentary
  • Company film and order film
  • Movie
  • Tourist sector
  • Industry
  • Shipping, shipbuilding, and leisure boating.
  • Project realisation in hydraulic engineering and road construction and real estate by way of overview videos.
  • Inspection of bridge constructions, canyons, tall buildings, etc.
  • Which application can you think of?

The combinations we currently use for our aerial photography are:

  • Drone1: DJI Inspire, quad copter
    Camera: DJI X5R which can film on both 4K 12 bit RAW and ProRes full HD.
    Ideal for optimally grading colours afterwards.
  • Drone 2: DJI Mavic Pro, smaller and quickly deployable 4K recordings.
  • Drone 3: DJI Spark, smallest in the series for really fast work; mainly photography

A drone is versatile and flexible, but there are projects that require just that little bit more. Do you want to go higher than 120m? Do you want to cover larger distances or shoot in 5K? Take a look at what we can accomplish with a manned helicopter.


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