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A good scenario is the basis of any good video.
When writing the scenario, we look at the purpose of the video (informing, instructing, enthusing, entertaining, inciting action, selling, …). We look at the target group (young, old, customers, employees, specialists, etc.) and the use of the video (TV, online, exhibitions). 

Based on a conversation we have with you, in which all these points are discussed, we write a scenario that tells your story in a clear and distinctive manner.

The script is the guideline for the entire further production and only when you agree to our proposal do we go out with the camera.


AuviMedia has a passion for images in video and photography. Our camera people can handle almost any camera and they are experienced in various styles. Films are always made with a sharp eye for light and composition and line operations that make images speak.

 Besides regular recordings, the camera people of AuviMedia also have extensive experience with aerial filming, both with a drone and a helicopter.


In the editing the video takes shape. The order of the images and the rhythm are determined here. The editor can direct the viewer’s attention by playing with the order of scenes and correct timing. With the scenario as a guideline and the images as material, the best and most attractive way to bring your story to life is sought after.


Animations can be used for many different purposes. Think of an original and clear representation of complex processes, infographics, but also intro animations or as enrichment of the visual content. With an animation we can also make your video fully match your corporate identity.


Music plays a very important role in the way the viewer experiences a film. It has a direct impact on the viewer’s emotions and thus has a great guiding and leading power. 
AuviMedia has everything available you need to deliver the best music for your film, from composer to a professional recording studio.


Colour correction and grading are creative processes that determine the ‘look’ of your film. It creates a professional look and enhances the expressiveness of the images. The possibilities are far more than you often think!

Using colour correction, the colours of all the images in your production are matched. Due to changing light conditions or other locations, it might turn out that the contrast in one shot is greater than in the next, that a face is slightly redder than in a later or earlier shot. So, in this process colours are actually corrected. In addition, white becomes real white and black becomes real black. Your image will look sleek and professional.

Grading gives your entire video a certain look and feel. For example, you can choose for extra colourful, for an exciting look, a dramatic or cheerful atmosphere and so forth.

A good colour correction and grading is not just something an editor does, it is a separate discipline. Contrast in the right range of values, a dot more red, a little more yellow, the colours in balance, for the entire image or for certain objects by means of motion tracking and masks.


Of course, we think along with you about what the publication possibilities are and we deliver your film with the right specifications for online use, TV or, if desired, cinemas.

Video books are a special form of publication that we offer. Video books can be viewed as a physical visual folder in which you can play one or more videos using an LCD monitor. A special tool for company presentations, product presentations or the presentation of a new collection.
The video book itself can be designed completely in your corporate style and as desired and in addition to video there is also enough space to incorporate a printed brochure.


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